Introducing Statesman’s Chilled Draught Beer Dispenser 


Statesman Kitchen Appliances are thrilled to announce the launch of our Chilled Draught Beer Dispenser, paving the way for beer enjoyed at home. Whether it’s a lively party or a laid-back BBQ, this cutting-edge beer dispenser is set to become the centre of attention, offering a crisp and fresh pint of beer without having to leave the comfort of home. 


The Statesman Beer Dispenser boasts a sleek silhouette with a smart black and stainless-steel colour combination, making it a stylish addition to any modern home or garden. The LED temperature display allows users to monitor the keg’s temperature, ensuring the perfect serve every time.

Designed for convenience and versatility, the Beer Dispenser is compatible with 5-litre universal and pre-carbonated kegs. The built-in thermoelectric cooling system ensures beer remains refreshingly chilled, giving consumers the freedom to savour their favourite beverages at their own pace. With the ability to set the keg’s temperature between 2-12°C and enhance the cooling process with up to 800ml of cold water, beer aficionados can now indulge in the perfect pour, tailored to their preferences.  

We understand that not every consumer is a beer enthusiast. Therefore, the Beer Dispenser has been crafted to be compatible with wine and prosecco kegs as well, catering to a diverse range of thirsts and preferences. 

For those eager to dive into the world of draft beer, Statesman includes a set of three 16g CO2 cannisters with the Beer Dispenser, providing all that is needed to install a keg of choice and start pouring.  

The Statesman Chilled Draught Beer Dispenser is the ultimate addition to any gathering, combining style, convenience, and versatility to create a memorable experience for every beer lover and beyond. 

Contact your local Area Sales Manager to place an order, priced at SRP £169.99.